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10/09/2020 COST open call - online information session 2020

The next deadline to hand in the proposals for the COST Open Call is fixed on the 29th of October 2020 at 12:00 AM.

The Belgian COST National Contact Points (CNCs) organise on 10 September 2020 from 9:00 AM till 11:00 AM an information session via GoToMeeting for the Belgian researchers that consider handing in a proposal as 'main proposer'.

Agenda and registration.

08/07/2020 Webinar H2020 Secure Societies: funding opportunities & EEN/NCP support

This webinar aims to give in-depth information about the open Security topics for the final Horizon 2020 SC7 calls in AI, FCT and INFRA (take a look at the work programme here), and to inform potential applicants, Security NCPs and EEN advisors on how the two networks can help support applicants in their partner search and project preparation.

It aims to guide applicants towards the kind of support they need to find partners and join consortia, and to help NCPs and EEN advisors to stay informed about the other network’s activities and find ways to collaborate effectively.

The webinar will feature presentations from SEREN4 Network Security NCPs and the chair of the EEN Sector Group Aeronautics.
Registration and agenda via SEREN4 website.

17/6/2020 and 25/06/2020 - H2020 no financial - 2020 edition

These information sessions were organised in Belgium for the fourth time by the European Commission in close cooperation with the Belgian Legal and Financial National Contact Points.

The aim of the event was to explain to Horizon 2020 project partners how to avoid errors in Horizon 2020 project reporting.

Initially planned as a one-day session, it has been split into two shorter webinars taking place on two different dates. The two webinars covered different topics. The presentations are available on the event website.

Event website.


Open for submissions: European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards 2021

Europe's top honour in the field of cultural heritage, these annual Awards identify and promote best practices in the conservation and enhancement of tangible and intangible cultural heritage; stimulate the trans-frontier exchange of knowledge throughout Europe; increase public awareness and appreciation of Europe's cultural heritage; and encourage further excellent initiatives through the power of example.
The Awards recognise outstanding conservation projects, innovative research, the longstanding dedication to heritage of professionals and volunteers, and exceptional initiatives in awareness-raising, training and education. In 2021, up to 30 remarkable heritage achievements from all over Europe will be awarded. Of those, up to 4 winners will receive a Grand Prix with a monetary award of 10,000 Euro.
The deadline for submissions is 1 October 2020 (date of sending).
Europa Nostra will also host a webinar about preparing a successful application which will take place on Thursday, 9 July from 17:00 until 18:00. Registration for the webinar is via this link.

European Green Deal call

The Green Deal call will mobilise research and innovation to foster a just and sustainable societal transition aiming at ‘leaving nobody behind’.

Projects are expected to deliver tangible and visible results relatively quickly and show how research and innovation can provide concrete solutions for the Green Deal main priorities.

The call will contain 11 areas.
Eight thematic areas reflecting the key work streams of the European Green Deal. In each area, one or more topics addresses the challenges outlined in the respective stream. Topics target specific, high-impact technological and societal innovations that can help advance the sustainable transition relatively quickly.
Three horizontal areas (strengthening knowledge; empowering citizens; and international cooperation) that cut across the eight thematic areas and offer a longer-term perspective in achieving the transformations set out in the European Green Deal.
More information for each area:

  • Call area 1: Increasing climate ambition: cross-sectoral challenges
  • Call area 2: Clean, affordable and secure energy
  • Call area 3: Industry for a clean and circular economy
  • Call area 4: Energy and resource-efficient buildings
  • Call area 5: Sustainable and smart mobility
  • Call area 6: Farm to Fork
  • Call area 7: Restoring biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Call area 8: Zero-pollution, toxic-free environment
  • Call area 9: Strengthening our knowledge in support of the European Green Deal
  • Call area 10: Empowering citizens for transition towards a climate neutral, sustainable Europe
  • Call area 11: Accelerating the clean energy transition and access in partnership with Africa

Timeline: opening of the call: mid-September 2020. Deadline: end January 2021

EC European Research Area corona platform

A European Research Area (ERA) corona platform has been created on the EC Funding and Tender Portal with information in FAQ about impact of COVID-19 on your EC project.
And also an updated list with extended call deadlines.

European Research infrastructures

The deadline for proposals for ESFRI Roadmap 2021 has been extended to 9 September 2020

In the face of the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak, and the resulting impact on the daily lives of all of us and on the ability of research organisations to effectively collaborate across countries, ESFRI has decided to extend the deadline for the presentation of new Proposals for Research Infrastructure Projects for the ESFRI Roadmap 2021 update to allow more time for the preparation of high quality applications.

The new deadline is 9 September 2020.

Secure societies

SEREN4 Online Information Day and Brokerage Event 12/05/2020: recordings and presentations

All presentations and recording from the info day part are available.

SEREN4 virtual training webinars of 28/04/2020

SEREN4, the network of Secure Societies NCPs, has organised 2 virtual training events:
- training on how to deal with security issues in proposals,
- workshop on cybersecurity,

The recording and presentations are available.

19 and 20 May 2020: SEREN4 WEBINARS on Disaster Resilience 2020 Topics

The SEREN4 WEBINARS on Disaster Resilience 2020 Topics provide information and practitioner testimonials that can help those who are answering to the SU-DRS01, SU-DRS02, and SU-DRS03 topics.

The SU-DRS01 webinar recording is avialable here.

The SU-DRS02 webinar recording is available here.

The SU-DRS03 webinar recording is available here.

Horizon 2020 Secure Societies Information Day and Brokerage Event 12-13/03/2020

Due to the current situation caused by the Coronavirus in Europe and beyond, SEREN4, as main responsible and organizer of the event in object, decided to cancel the Secure Societies Info Day and Brokerage Event of 12-13 March in Brussels. The presentations foreseen for the infoday of 12 March 2020 were all recorded

These presentations are now available on the SEREN4 website.

Security Mission Information & Innovation Group:presentations

The Security Mission Information & Innovation Group (SMI2G) was organised in Brussels on 29-30 January to discuss on the upcoming 2020 Secure Societies calls of Horizon 2020. All security topics were represented.

The link to download the presentations is now available.