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Secure societies Information Day and Brokerage Event in Brussels: 13-14 March 2019

This information day and brokerage event is organised by the Network of Secure Societies National Contact Points (SEREN4) in collaboration with the European Commission.

The event will give details on Secure Societies calls for proposals in 2019. But also will the event provide networking opportunities through B2B meetings and project ideas pitch sessions.

Registration is open.

Another information day and brokerage event will be organised by SEREN4 in Riga, the second week of April 2019. More info will follow.

Coordinator’s Day on Grant Agreement Preparation on 22/02/2019

On 22 February 2019 the European Commission will organise a “Coordinators’ Day on Grant Agreement Preparation” for coordinators of successful proposals. The purpose of this event is to explain the details on the preparation and signature of grant agreements. It will take place at the Charlemagne building in Brussels from 09:30H to 17:00H. This session is mainly meant for coordinators of proposals who were invited to prepare a grant agreement, but other participants are also welcome to attend, subject to the availability of seats.

Registration (first-come first-served basis) is via the event website.
The agenda is also available under the same link. It will also be possible to follow the event online (no need to register).


EC encourages new independent experts to register in the Horizon 2020 evaluators data base

The EC has published a video that encourages new independent experts to register in the Horizon 2020 evaluators data base. The video can be shared via LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube.

The video illustrates the work expert evaluators and monitors carry out, and the benefits they take from this experience. It focuses especially on attracting new experts from underrepresented Member States, experts from the private/business sector, and female experts.

Launch of the European Commission’s Common IP Booster

The European Commission has funded a new service to provide specialised, professional IP advice to European Universities and Public Research Organisations: The European Commission’s Common IP Booster.

Are you:
Generating high-quality research, and eager to improve its impact on the market?
Trying to better address IP issues associated with commercialisation?
Searching for experts who can help you develop a successful intellectual property strategy? The European Commission’s IP Booster is a free service designed to help you address these challenges. Our carefully selected IP, technology and business strategy experts can examine your research and guide your teams to develop the best intellectual property strategies for your organisation.

The European Commission’s IP Booster can help you:
1.Determine what type and what amount of IP protection you need for your project’s intellectual assets, and whether you need to acquire rights to third party IPRs
2.Design a patent landscape so that you can clearly identify which commercialisation pathways are best for your research
3.Conduct a thorough due diligence assessing the quantity and quality of IP assets generated by your project and estimate their future value
4.Prepare your project’s patent, design and trademark applications
5.Provide advice and support in negotiating technology transfer agreements Together, The European Commission’s IP Booster will make sure that your research has the best chance of achieving commercial success, at no extra cost to you. To receive the IP Booster support, you’ll need to apply using the IP Booster service website. The EC won’t be able to help every public research organisation who would like to make use of these services, so please check below if you are eligible.
First call opens on February 6 and closes on March 6.

Eligibility criteria are as follows:
The application must originate from a European University or Public Research Organisation
The applicant’s university or organisation must have a PIC (Participant Identification Code)
You must not be able to secure similar IP services at national level A member of your research group, or your Technology Transfer Office can apply for the first call from now until Wednesday 6 March, and these IP support services will be available until December 2021.
For upcoming calls and FAQs please check the website regularly. Please address any additional queries to: OR more information.

BREXIT and continued UK Participation in EU Funding for Research, Innovation and Higher Education

We have received several questions about the consequences of a no deal scenario. In this Brexit factsheet (developed by the UK Research Office) you can find the latest information about the current UK situation in relation to Horizon 2020 (H2020) and other EU funding schemes.

Our Austrian colleagues have written down some implications for different H2020 actions which you can find here.

The practical/administrative steps that coordinators/individual fellows/ERC grantees/beneficiaries have to pass through with the European Commission, and when, is not clear yet. We will keep you informed when we receive more information. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question for which you don't find an answer on the two aforementioned webpages.


Ideal-ist Proposal Check Event for ICT calls in Horizon 2020 - 27-28 February 2019 - On-site in Brussels and Oslo and remote part

Ideal-ist is holding a proposal check event for H2020 ICT calls in 2019. The events will take place on the 27th of February in Brussels and 28th of February in Oslo, but proposers will be able to participate remotely as well. The event offers proposers a chance to improve the quality of project proposals based on feedback from experienced external experts and national contact points (NCPs). The event aims to transfer useful knowledge and increase proposers' chances for funding.

Procedure - Onsite attendants
Interested proposers will provide an advanced draft of their proposal for the selected ICT call topic and receive qualified feedback from experienced evaluators immediately during the proposal check session. The session consists of the evaluators reading the proposal and a feedback round. It will be possible to receive additional consulting by experienced NCP staff. All participating experts will sign a confidentiality declaration.

Procedure - Remote attendants
Ideal-ist will offer a remote evaluation for selected participants. Experienced evaluators will sit in Brussels and Oslo and meet with proposers via Skype. The remote nature of this workshop will require that proposals are sent electronically. There are a limited number of slots for this remote evaluation.

Selection of participants
Proposers who apply to participate at the event go through a case by case selection process. They will be contacted three weeks before the event to assess the degree of completion of their proposals. Short-listed candidates will be invited based on the available places.

Who can attend
The event will support proposals for ICT calls under H2020, with a deadline in March and April, 2019. Admission to the event is for the coordinator (i.e. one person, mandatory) plus one representative from a project partner institution (i.e. one optional person). In exceptional cases, the coordinator may name a proxy to attend. The evaluators on-site do not check the eligibility of the proposers to submit a proposal for the topic. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the proposers have an abstract of their proposal checked by their NCP.

The event is free of charge, however, slots are limited.

Applications can be submitted by the coordinators until 15 February via the online registration form.

Health, demographic change and wellbeing

Webinar on How to read and follow the proposal template in order to write a strong Health Horizon proposal - 25 February 2019

We would like to invite you to join the webinar organised by the network HEALTH NCP-Net 2.0 to learn more about how to read and follow the proposal template in order to write a strong Health Horizon 2020 proposal. The webinar will explain you the evaluation criteria and how they can be addressed when writing the proposal. You learn where to pay special attention when preparing and writing the proposal.

The second part will be a Q&A session during which related questions will be answered.

Presenters: Sasha Hugentobler (SC1 NCP Switzerland), Astrid Hoebertz (SC1 NCP Austria) and Caterina Buonocore (SC1 NCP Italy)

When: Monday 25th February 2019, from 11:00 to 12:30 CET

How to register: please register here.

Registration closes on Friday 21st February 2019. Due to the fact that there are limited places available and participation will be on a “first come first served basis”, registration will close when maximum number of participants will be reached.

Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies

Belgian info session on 2019 calls in Societal Challenge 6 – Europe in a changing world

The Belgian National Contact Points (Eurofed, NCP Flanders, NCP-FNRS, NCP Brussels) have organised a half-day event on 23 November 2018 at BELSPO to help you prepare your application to the 2019 calls for proposals in Societal Challenge 6 “Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies” of Horizon 2020.

The European Commission presented the different topics under the 2019 calls.

The presentations are now available via this link.

Secure societies

Security research projects catalogue

The latest project catalogues are now available online. Below you can find the links to the volumes of the H2020 security projects, divided by priority areas. EC expects to get card copies from them by mid-February.

Disaster-resilient societies.

Border and external security .

Infrastructure protection and protection of public spaces.